Research findings suggest that for students to obtain desirable learning outcomes, it is important that they are engaged in activities where they have to "struggle" (in a productive sense of the word) with important mathematics, preferably in collaborative environments that challenge their work in constructive and supportive ways.
Mogens Niss, 2007



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My mind and heart discovered teaching while I was working toward my master’s degree in Viral Oncology. I was invigorated by teaching mathematics to people who had yet to discover its beauty. Electing to teach lower-level mathematics courses, I hoped to work with students who had negative attitudes towards mathematics and those who said that they “didn’t get the math brain” or “were never good in math.” To this day, I love to explore mathematics with learners of all ages and backgrounds.

Teaching philosophy




Upon entering the Boston University doctoral program, I was intrigued by how young children develop understanding of mathematical concepts which provide them with a strong background for algebraic and logico-mathematical reasoning. In my current dissertation work with Dr. Suzanne Chapin, I am investigating children’s strategies for solving steepness tasks in fifth through eighth grade. As my research is providing answers to my specific questions, it simultaneously suggests new questions. I look forward to following these questions to new research projects and grants.

I am also interested in children’s logical reasoning as they play logic games in classroom settings and whether the learning can transfer to other contexts within and outside of mathematics. My interest originated through my co-authorship of a teachers’ manual for a visual logic game, MetaForms. Metaforms was developed as a component of a successful K-6 mathematics curriculum in French-speaking Canada (Defi Mathematique or Challenging Mathematics) and is currently used by teachers in many classrooms in the United States I look forward to investigating how teachers can best use logic games to teach mathematical reasoning.

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